Klamath Falls Gospel Mission
823 Walnut Avenue
PO Box 87
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601




Capital Campaign Update:

We have received $2,400,000 towards our goal of $2,600,000!

We give thanks to God and  to over 620 individuals who have moved us this close to meeting the goal!

We have given our builder the go ahead to begin construction and are anticipating to start the first week of October.  Please consider helping us meet this last portion, $200,000, of our $2.6 Million goal!  Consider that giving any amount towards the home stretch will help us finish our new facility.
In addition, our goal to raise $32,000 for new beds was reached and we are very grateful for all those in our community who gave towards the much needed new beds!


Lives Changed Because You Care

Samantha's Story:

Pregnant, with a 2 year old in DHS custody, Samantha came to us for shelter in late November 2015. Samantha had completed 90 days of A&D residential treatment and was transitioning to Alva House where she would begin to focus on regaining custody of her child. As Samantha puts it “I would do anything to get my child back, even if it meant wearing purple and hopping on one leg.”