Klamath Falls Gospel Mission
823 Walnut Avenue
PO Box 87
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601

Rescue, Recovery, Renewal Campaign

Gospel missions have existed prior to and since Jesus Christ told his disciples to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless. Klamath Falls Gospel Mission has been serving the vulnerable hungry, homeless and at-risk citizens of Klamath County since 1958. That is more than 50 years of meeting the most basic of human needs. No other entity in the Basin has served over eight million nourishing meals or provided more than two million warm beds for men, women and children in our hometown.

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Meet Donny

Donny, a pastors kid, was born in Boise in 1957 while his father was attending Bible College. He
was the second born of eight children, and grew up in a Christian home. The family moved around until they settled in Springfield, Oregon when he was 9 years old.

He married at the young age of 19, and 14 years later he was divorced. This is when he started drinking alcohol in excess. The addiction eventually took control of his life and he lost his job and began living on the streets, and added marijuana to his addictions.

He usually camped out, and would come to the Gospel Mission to eat and eventually stayed here for a time and became familiar with the services offered here. He continued to drink until he found himself in jail in 2011, accused of a felony crime. This event caused him to sincerely examine his life and ask himself whether he wanted to continue living life this way.

He knew it was time to change, so after being released from jail, he went through a VA treatment program, and while there, gave his heart back to Jesus. God set him free of alcoholism and of cigarettes, which he had been smoking for 42 years!

When he got out of treatment he had plans to move to California to live with his brother who was pastoring there. However his probation wouldn’t transfer, so he came back here to the Mission. He was only going to stay here for 30 days, and now it’s been almost 4 years, and he is our house supervisor.

When asked what the Lord has done for him since he has been at the Mission and he gave a list of things that God has done for him: placed him in a stable, sober environment; gave him good Christian friends; he found a wonderful church home; God helped him to learn how to give instead of take, and much more. He said the Gospel Mission programs and people have cared and nurtured him and helped him grow in the Lord, and has provided him with a safe and clean environment to restore his life, put the past behind, and look forward to a blessed future in God.