Klamath Falls Gospel Mission
823 Walnut Avenue
PO Box 87
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601


WE ARE IN GREAT NEED OF BLANKETS; we give away blankets daily to those on the street, but are nearly out of them. Clean, used blankets are perfect.  THANK YOU!

Rescue, Recovery, Renewal Campaign

Gospel missions have existed prior to and since Jesus Christ told his disciples to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless. Klamath Falls Gospel Mission has been serving the vulnerable hungry, homeless and at-risk citizens of Klamath County since 1958. That is more than 50 years of meeting the most basic of human needs. No other entity in the Basin has served over eight million nourishing meals or provided more than two million warm beds for men, women and children in our hometown.

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Lives Changed Because You Care

Meet Wallace

My name is Wallace.

Before I came to the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission I lived in a cycle of addiction and instant gratificationthat left me hollow and empty. This cycle was my life. Like many who findthemselves on this path I wanted out, but lacked the strength to admit it. I realized that the strength to fight addiction did not have to be solely from within myself. I wanted a relationship with God, but did not know where to start.

The Gospel Mission provided the element that was missing in my previous life.The Mission provided a calm oasis away from the influences of the secular world that was keeping from the truth of the Gospel.