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Klamath Falls Gospel Mission
823 Walnut Avenue
PO Box 87
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601




It's Your hometown



                  Construction Continues

                  (Scroll down to view from start of construction)


All Walls Are Up! On Men's & Women's Shelter, and Admin/Kitchen/Dining Hall Building



Women's Shelter...Walls Are Going Up!




Early August...


Women's Shelter foundation complete! Wait...looks like water...a swimming pool?

No, but it is water! It's called a water cure, using 3 inches of water for 4 days to cure the cement foundation.


foundation footings almost complete



           underground utilities are being installed



                                   foundation footings are going in



We are on Our Way!

(May-2017)  As seen in the pictures below, the heavy equipment is moving, excavation and fill has started and is preparing for the building foundations.



Ceremonial Groundbreaking

Was in August of 2016, and and is reflected in the pictures below.  Thank you to all who have donated to build this new facility.

Representative Greg Walden addresses the crowd.


Representative Walden performing the official ground-breaking...via backhoe!


Many have been involved in making our new facility possible.  We are very grateful.